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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 3, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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believes health reform will happen this year because that's what doctors and the american people want. but this is all he would say about the president's planned speech. >> going to be a major speech laying out in understandable, clear terms what our administration wants to happen with regard to health care and what we are going to push for. >> olympia snowe, a member of the so-called gang of six is a major force in health care negotiations. the white house is reportedly considering her proposal of a public option trigger that would give insurance companies time to change their ways. administration officials believe if senator snowe is on board, she might be able to bring along her moderate checks from maine, susan collins, as well as keep moderate democrats on board. and just a few hours ago, republican senator mike enzblirks also part of the gang of six, said despite what the white house has been saying, he is still on board for these
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negotiations. nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house. we are all learning new terms here and what they will mean for the conversation, public option, co-op and now got trigger option. what does that mean? >> been out there a while the blue dogs of conservative democrats in the house were the first people to put that forward. basically it goes like, this the bill would not have a public option, at least not a public ones that would start when the bill became effective, a public option in terms of a health insurance option. it would be triggered if certain criteria were not met, not enough people were being covered. one of the goals is to cover the uninsured or if costs weren't going down enough. here is the problem though, tamryn. nancy pelosi has already shot that down on the house side. she might have to revisit that, we will see, depending how these numbers work out in the senate and becoming more and more of a high-stakes gamble now, all the proposal floated back and forth,
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whether they use that reconciliation process to only get 50 votes instead of the traditional 60. all that is very much up in the air right now. basically, we have been saying this and bears repeating, tamryn, going to have a choice basically between doing two things, putting a bill under reconciliation with that public option, that it's 50-vote majority and having that pass the house and perhaps passing the senate very much up in the air or going to the house liberals with no public option and saying, you are going to have to roll over and accept this. neither of them very good options. >> mike, as you point out you can the trigger option has been discussed, not in full conversations, obviously, a reason it is coming up again, you have the stories that the white house is reportedly taking a serious look at it. >> right. >> timing is everything. >> you are absolutely right. what gives them the believe it might have more steam now than it would have in the whispers with the blue dogs? >> simply looking at the numbers and realizing that the public option is becoming less and less of an option.
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appears less and less likely anything like that could pass the senate, certainly not w6 0 votes and now they are looking at alternatives and giving liberals and others that they didn't get the public option, but if triggered, this option will come into existence down the road. they are the last of a dying break, rockefeller republicans, most are voted out by now. the congress is polarized. more and more valuable a if they force the coalitions. anything they can do to bring them along they will do a very delicate alchemy and balance, none of it is a guarantee at this point. >> thank you very much, mike
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viqueira. the bigger pimp house, would olympia snowe's trigger proposal actually work and when you count the votes could it work politically? the political danger for president obama's clear. democratic liberals said in recent weeks they will not support reform unless there is a public option. these lawmakers believe that government competition is the only way to get the for-profit insurance companies to lower costs and behave better. republicans and a few moderates don't want legislation that could harm the insurance companies. these lawmakers say tougher regulations, not a public option, are the only possible approach. in theory, a trigger that gives insurance companies time to behave better than if they don't, the trigger is pulled, that could possibly bridge the gap. white house senior adviser david axelrod is not saying where the president stands. instead, leaving it up to the president.
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>> the presidents expressed opinion and choice. i am got knot going to give details. he is giving a speech and the president will say it better than i could. >> terrific reporting on the white house angle, detail where the negotiations are and what do we know about olympia snowe's trigger proposal and what is in it? >> negotiations depend on snowe and the white house has to figure out or she has to fig our out where they are. the speech is under a week this he don't know what is in it. snowe's trigger proposals a does not have the details we need to understand it you can imagine where a trigger where if insurers don't bring costs down to say 3% growth a year in five years, then a national public plan comes in, that would be a strong trigger and sure to result in public plan. you can also imagine one that has a weak trigger, right if they don't bring costs down to 8% of growth and the trigger only comes state by state by
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state, say iowa doesn't have enough change, you get an iowa public plan, very small and very weak but right now the devil's in the details with that. >> as far as the details are concerned, when you look at a the head count, can nancy pelosi and some of the rest said it has got to be public option and previously shot down the trigger can you agree on a percentage and trigger that would cause enough of the progressive democrats to say we will go along, the same time preserve the moderate, olympia snowe, any others who may decide to get on board? >> nancy pelosi and henry waxman don't lose many big votes. if they work out a compromise, they will bring a lot of their caucus on. i think on some level, you need something for members of progresself caucus to go home and say we won here, something we can call a victory. i don't know what that will be, may not be all they want it to be, at this point they a way to save face, i think smart and very tough in putting themselves in that negotiating position. >> ezra klein, fast-moving and
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intriguing negotiations going on at the white house. thanks as always, we appreciate it. coming up in our next hour, health care town hall chaos continues. a man got his finger bitten off, tamryn, at a meeting in california. and a woman in a wheelchair got heckled at a meeting in new jersey. and rnc chairman michael steel accused the woman who talked about her dead mother of pulling antics just to get on television. what's going on with all of this? we will talk live to the woman targeted by chairman steel. tamryn, i guess you can appreciate the confusion and consternation that is out there. at the same time, washington files so removed, high-level negotiations continuing. >> can appreciate the confusion, david, i thought it fascinating, ezra klein, studies it as you and i, with the new trigger options, still waiting for details on that. when you are waiting on the details, that adds to confusion and opportunities for misinformation what ever the details of the trigger option if the president is going to fully back an option, so much has to
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be said in the next six days before i think for us to see some movement in the polls, the direction the white house would like anyway. >> you are slightly right, tamryn, the clock is ticking right now. >> it is. david, for the first time, we are hearing about the emotional reunion, a family reunites the woman kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. jaycee dugard is now 29 years old, following this story. she disappeared when she was 11. well, tina dugard is jaycee's aunt, just spent five days with jaycee, her mother and two daughters jaycee gave birth to while being held hostage. tina says despite everything, jaycee and her daughters are happy. >> jaycee and her daughters are with her mom and younger sister in a soak included place, reconnecting. i was with them until recently. we spent timesharing memories and stories and getting to know each other again. jaycee remembers all of us. she is especially enjoying
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getting to know her little sister, who was just a baby when jaycee was taken. not only have we laughed and cried together, but we have spent time sitting quietly, taking pleasure in each other's company. we are so very grateful -- >> we are learn morgue about phillip gar receipt attorney general the sexual predator accused of be a cut ducting jaycee, holding her captive in his backyard in antioch, california, fathering those two daughters you just heard. gar receipt toe had a more extensive criminal history than previously known. chris jansing is in los angeles. we want to start off with jaycee, how she is doing. people wondered how she might adjust to life with her family, incredible to hear that she remembers, you would think after all the years of trauma she suppressed some of those memories. >> extraordinary story, you hear tina dugard tell it you believe the time they are spending together after 18 years is joyful, as she says it really having time to reconnect.
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what they didn't talk about she says, is the time that she spent in those squalid conditions, when she was under the thumb of philip garrido, but they talk about the fact that these girls, these two young girls, who are now 15 and 11, star let and angel, even though they were kept away from school, they are educated, they know their way around the internet. at one point, they were outside looking up into the sky at night and they were able to identify the speconstellations, reconnecg with her younger sister. jaycee had a 1-year-old little sister when she was abducted. now, 19-year-old shana, especially enjoying the time that she is spending with her and she also asks for privacy. she says that we should not expect to hear from any members of the family any time soon, so what exactly these last 18 years, we may not know until or if theseth case goes to court.
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>> what this information learned about garrido's background, heard so many horrific details of crimes he actually served time for? >> yeah, when you really do read about it, it is horrifying. it was back in 1972, he was furst accused of accusing a woman she chose not to press charges, then the crime for which he went to prison was in 977 in reno, nevada. 25-year-old young woman who only escaped when it just happened that a police officer came to where she was being rained. he was put away for a 50-year sentence and we have not been able to confirm this, but there are reports that it was while in prison that garrido met his wife, nancy, who was there visiting another family member and her story is fascinating as well. she was a nurse's aide to the disabled and people who worked with her described her as quiet and kind, apparently, she was very good at her job. it also may be the reason why
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the two girls may have been able to be born, because of her nurse's training. the speculation is that she may have delivered jaycee a's two little girls. also, questions being raised about the time that he was back in prison for parole violation and it was nancy, it's believed, who continued to keep jaycee and star let and angel there so that obviously will be part of the case as well, but everything that is coming out about this case is as astonishing as it is shocking, tamryn. >> thank you very much. nbc's chris jansing. there was a case in nevada, 1977, where apparently, it is accused he play is tried handcuff another woman she got away, right after that, an hour later, he abducted a woman. >> chris is so right, tamryn, sigh stone nishing, what you described, he met his wife in prison, because of her background as a nurse, able to
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help deliver these kids i. the whole thing is so unbelievable. >> very unbelievable. thank goodness jaycee is with her family. sounds like from the details she is able to reunite and be a happy ending truly. arnold schwarzenegger touring the fire damage as on the governator can. up next, a live report on the latest effortshe havefforts to wildfire. the abcs of a political controversy. some conservatives are angry that president obama is planning a nationally televised back-to-school speech to our kids. and last words, there are new excerpts out from ted kennedy's memoirs, remorse over chappaquiddick. we have some of the excerpts. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days --
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welcome back. today, firefighters are closer to getting control over one of the biggest wildfires, david in california's history. >> tamryn that is right. the station fire, burning north of los angeles is now 38% contained, just two days ago, only contained 5%. today, there was a small flareup in a remote canyon that prompted 25 nearby residents to evacuate. 12,000 homes in foothill communities still remain threaten bud other neighborhoods that have been in danger for days are finally in the clear. this afternoon, california governor arnold schwarzenegger toured neighborhoods wiped out by the fire when he spotted a weight set that survived the flames. the state is doing everything it can to help the victims. >> when you see this kind of devastation, it is horrible to lose your home to lose your personal belongings, to lose everything that you had and checked. so, we are here basically to help the people get back on
3:18 pm
their feet as quickly as possible. >> nbc's michael okwu joins us live from lakeview terrace, california. tamryn and i ask now every day, what about mt. wilson are those communication towers going to be knocked out? are we going to lose fire, ems and police? how they doing with mt. wilson? paint the big picture for us? >> reporter: the short answer in all of that is fire officials just can't tell you. i mean, the longer answer is it is very optimistic. a couple days ago, they were throwing their arms up, all but saying it wasn't a matter of if the flames were going to reach mt. wilson, it was a question of when it was going to happen, how high the flames would burn and how much damage would actually be established on that mountaintop complex. now they are sake the fire is certainly around the mountain but they are pretty to optimistic, they have had a couple of days here of fairly high humidity and the winds have been much milder. conditions generally have been milder than they expected and able to get boots on the ground
3:19 pm
to fight the flames away from that mountain. so at this point, the flames are close to mt. wilson but pretty optimistic they will be able to keep the flames from doing any kind of real long, sustained damage. >> michael, sounds devastating for all those people returning home and finding their homes wiped out? >> reporter: of course that is one of the most difficult thing about these fires, obviously, the plus snide all of this, in spite the fact that 62 homes have been destroyed is the fact, again, that the winds have been so mild, mild enough that you know, we haven't had those santa ana winds clearly you not that time of the season that they have been able to keep the losses minimal as far as they are concerned. this could have been much worse. all of the firefighters telling you, look, a fire this consistent, this persistent and this fierce would have destroyed hundreds of homes. we could have been talking about homes in the thousands were it not the conditions they have, and the fact they have 4700
3:20 pm
boots on the ground. >> nbc's michael okwu. thank you for the report. tamryn, good to hear that things seem to be going better. >> hopefully so david. coming up, wow, washington redskins suing fans who lose their jobs and can no longer afford their season tickets. is it crossing the line? >> yes. >> come on to. you got to get the facts, david. >> redskins fans don't deserve to be sued for anything. they got to deal with a bad team. those wacky folks at nasa that are joking around about naming a vitally important piece of equipment of the international space station after jon stewart. as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right,
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>> the embassy has banned alcohol can and assigned american personnel to provide over security you can guard to guard to guard. the photos show guards and supervisors in various stages of nudity at parties flowing with alcohol and what has been described as deviant behavior. the independent watchdog group that released the pictures says the situation led to a break down in morale and leadership that has compromised the security at the embassy. the state department is investigating. >> tamryn, the centers for disease control and prevention say the swine flu has killed 36 children in the united states so far, 67% of those deaths were kids who already suffered from high risk medical conditions like asthma or who were disabled. the vaccine against swine flu will not be ready until october. and the replacement of air speed sensors like the ones suspected of playing a role in the crash of the airbus flight in june that killed all of the
3:25 pm
people on board, 228 people. the faa ordered -- that order affects 43 planes by u.s. airways and northwest. european aviation officials issued a similar order on monday. just ahead, will a rebounding economy help boost president obama's approval rating? the white house today pointing at some positive signs they say all from the stimulus. and ted kennedy's final words, what he wrote in his upcoming memoir about his drinking, his reputation and chappaquiddick. this is "the big picture" on msnbc. (announcer) before they give you the lowest price,
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some pharmacies make you work for it with memberships and fees. but not walmart. they have hundreds of generic prescriptions for just $4 for up to a 30-day supply or $10 for 90 days. save money. live better. walmart. i'm sharon epperson with your cnbc market wrap. the markets a small gain, the dow jones industrials is higher by about, as we can see there 18 points. s & p 500 up 3 points.
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nasdaq composite up 6 points. oil prices, meanwhile, dipped today on disappointing numbers from the labor department, oil prices dropped, under $68 a barrel. new numbers show the labor market may have a tough time recovering. the labor department says new jobless claims fell less than expected to 570,000. the number of people receiving unemployment benefits rose, up 92,000 from the previous week. the former president and ceo of the online job search service monster is heading to prison. a new york judge sentenced james tracy to two years in jail for stock swapping fraud. the judge also ordered tracy to pay restitution in the amount of $6.3 million to employee victims. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm tamryn hall live in new york. david you can in the big picture, the president may be having a hard time passing health care reform and seeing his approval rating drop but the
3:30 pm
obama administration trying to highlight something they feel they did very well, the economic recovery act. vice president joe biden today defending the $787 billion plan to stimulate the economy. nearly 200 days after president obama signed it into law, the vice president said it is indeed working, despite public skepticism. >> all adds up to this, in my view, at least, the recovery act has played a significant role in changing the trajectory of our economy and changing the conversation about the economy in this country. instead of talking about the beginning of a depression, we are talking about the end of a recession. >> the vice president ease comes come as president obama's approval rating is mentioned, seeing a slight drop, daily gap lull tracking poll finds 52% of americans approve of the job the president is doing, down from 67% back in may. tamryn, the bigger picture,
3:31 pm
the politics, is the vice president's promotion of the stimulus plan a way to distract from the negative views of health care reform or possibly a way to distract from the challenging unemployment figures, including new figures out tomorrow? despite mr. biden's praise for the stimulus, nearly nine in ten americans think the country is still in a recession, a new cnn opinion research poll says 87% of those polled said the u.s. is in a serious, moderate or mild reess. austin goolsbee is in the white house member of economic advisers and staff director and chief economist of the president's economic advisory board. are most americans wrong when they say we are still in a recession? >> i don't think so we are looking at, as the vice president said today, coming out of a recession. still in a tough spot, certainly the labor market is no great shakes yet. ed important thing the vice president said, we were facing
3:32 pm
the abyss and the stimulus act played a major role getting us away from the beginning of a depression toward the ending of the recession. the facts showed that. >> speaking of the facts, austan, said fact check, the vice president ignored problems with the stimulus, one thing the writer pointed torque bind pointed to 2200 highway projects funded by the program but did not mention the growing frustration among contractors that the transportation money is only trickling out and thus far not delivered the needed boost in jobs. we are going to hear about jobs, as david pointed out here, but do you disagree with what the ap is saying about the trickling out and the jobs not being affected? >> i think i disagree a bit. the first is the stimulus embodies many things, not just a highway bill and it was set up to space the money out over time, not drop the whole thing in some two-week period last march. it is going out faster than was anticipated and the vice
3:33 pm
president went through a whole bunch of specifics, things have come in under budget and allowed them to do additional programs. the second thing i would say is on the highway spending itself, let's remember, you don't get the check until you finished the work and they can verify you did it right. i mean, the obligation is what's important. that's when you start increasing the gdp and i think you have started to see that in a whole bunch of areas. >> austan you have become and got to let you go, you have become a pop culture icon among the younger political set. here is the clip from "the daily show" with jon stewart. watch. >> right now, i am also a trillion dollars in debt. and i am considered broke. >> you may be a broke but we as a country are not broke. >> all right. >> wither in a tough spot the last quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year was epically bad, you know, worse than 50 years kind of thing. >> okay. >> we teetered on the edge of
3:34 pm
great depression land. so far, we are approaching feeling broke, but we have come back off the floor. we have come back -- >> made the chief economist explain to me like i'm 4. >> austan after surviving that experience, doing fairly well, at least according to the audience what did you learn from that? >> i learned, watched that thing, man, when i met the president, aid full head of hair, i don't know what happened. >> oh, god. >> austan goolsbee, pleasure having you on as always, appreciate it. >> good to see you guys again. >> pop culture icon. >> they love him. tamryn, i hear the stories how he gets stopped in airports, gets all sorts of fan mail. the younger set, they love that. >> i loved how you said that, like you're grandpa over there the younger generations love the guy, very cute. very cute. tamryn, in today's closeup, the late ted kennedy's memoirs revealed a man who lived with anguish and remorse over the death of mary joe kopechne at
3:35 pm
chappaquiddick in 1969. >> the book is titled "true compass" and will be published later this month. kennedy called the events inexcusab inexcusable. he said it is a horrible tragedy that haunt mess every indict dooif my life and he flat out denied any relationship with mary jo and the combination of a concussion, fatigue, confusion and panic led him to wait until the next morning. he waited ten hours to the report accident. the late senator also writes frankly about dealing with the tragic loss of his brothers and his use of alcohol. and the senior correspondent with the "new york daily news," david, i apologize if i didn't get your last name correct, i apologize for it. the words from senator kennedy regarding chap quidic, is that different from what he said over the years? >> well, he hasn't said a lot over the years, tamryn, other than he has apologized profusely
3:36 pm
for his role in it. in the book, he does refer readers back to an inquest that occurred in 1970, was sort of the official investigation. he said in the book, that remains the most comprehensive time line of what actually happened. you get the recounting of events but more than that he shares the emotional trauma it inflicted obviously on the kopechne family but on him and his family over the years. it is a much more personal look back than he shared before. >> david, another passage from the book, said he teas you canning about his vices in life and shedding life, i have enjoyed the company of women, a stiff drink or two or three and i have relished the smooth taste of a good wine. at times i have enjoyed these measures too much. i have heard the details about my exploits as a hell razor, some accurate, some with a wisp of truth to them and some sought
3:37 pm
outrageous i can't imagine how anyone can really believe them. we have saw reports, including one that was in the "new york times" that this book, finishing this book, was one of the major goals before senator kennedy left this earth. is that why perhaps he felt maybe the release of pressure that he could be very candid about these things? >> i think there is a degree of speculation there, but sure. he absolutely knew he was dying and i think throughout this book, he tried to be as a candid as he can about all kinds of failings in his life it is not just the drinking or his marriages but also chappaquiddick and other events in his life, there was a cheating scandal at harvard that got him kicked out of that university for two years and he addresses it all. so i think it is a fayly unvarnished look back at his life at a time when he knew, yes, that he didn't have a lot of time left. >> incredible. thank you very much. great pleasure to speak with you today. thank you.
3:38 pm
>> sure. david, you know, it is fascinating, when you factor in when someone writes about their life, you often hear someone say i have only been successful five years but writing my tell-all and this book written when someone, senator kennedy, knows that he is dying. and you can't help but to speculate or wonder how that did free him to tell the story's see it is or saw it. >> tam rip, also the sense that we are going to learn a lot more about the is senator than we have all learned the last couple of days because of his perspective on his life. >> true. so much has happened since senator kennedy's death last week. senator john kerry said he will carry on kennedy's health care fight. meantime, massachusetts governor deval patrick continues his efforts to try to employ an interim senator before a special election can be held in january. earlier today, massachusetts attorney general martha cokely threw her hat into the ring. >> i think we all realize that the urgency of this time is clear and it is that urgency that drives my decision today, i
3:39 pm
announce my candidacy for united states stand dat. >> former boston red sox pitcher and outspoken conservative curt schilling says even he is thinking about running in that special election in january. >> the easy thing would be to say, absolutely not. but i would be like. i don't know that that's -- it's not an absolute certainty one way or the other. so you know, if there is a potential a a possibility and some things align themselves and, you know, on the homefront, ultimately, comes down to the conversation. >> fascinating stuff. interesting to see who deval patrick may appoint in the interim but that election in january ought to be amazing you. >> interesting to hear curt schilling say the stars align themselves and how things will work out. i love how people try to avoid the answer. >> even baseball pitchers. >> even baseball pitcher. tamryn, just ahead, there anything wrong with president
3:40 pm
obama addressing the nation's school kids? >> david, some conservatives certainly think, there is a problem. and it is today's "making their case."
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i'm more active, i eat right, and i switched to new one a day women's active metabolism. a complete women's multivitamin plus more for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. new from one a day. the president is going to be speaking to my child directly without giving me heads up of what he's going to same i have no idea what he is going to say. i'm more afraid that this is a socialistic idea of getting to kids when they are young. >> no matter whether you disagree or agree, i think everyone should get the information, no matter what. >> okay, those are some of the reactions from both sides political spectrum today after the white house announcement that president obama will make a televised back-to-school speech to students next tuesday. david, today, the white house say it had will release the full text of the speech on monday, giving parents and the schools 24 hour it is to read the
3:44 pm
speech. >> but just the idea is drawing intensive attacks from conservatives. they claim the president is somehow trying to indoctrinate the kids to his political beliefs instead of just encouraging them to work hard and get good grades. jim grier from the florida republican said said, "as the father of four children i am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread president obama's socialist ideology it is not only infuriate bug goes against the believes of millions of americans while bypassing american parents through an invasive abuse of power." look at something the previous president said during a press conference back in 2001. >> before we leave, i want to make a special request to the children of america. i ask you to join in a special effort to help the children of afghanistan. we are asking every child in america to earn or give $1 that will be used to provide food and medical help for the children of
3:45 pm
afghanistan. >> so should president obama make a back-to-school speech? here to make their case, benjamin sar lynn, a political reporter for the daily and virginia schaffer from the independent visadvice women's fm and the ink well. what was wrong with george w. bush talking to the children and is there any difference between him and president obama? >> i don't want to engage in this idea of indoctrination we talked about a moment ago we don't want to lose sight -- >> because you don't believe it is indoctrination? >> i believe we have a massive push by the federal government to increase their role in our education system, whether it is no child left behind, whether a push for government-run preschool, whether it is these home visitation and health care bill, a push for national standards, national testing, national curriculum, we don't need more government in what was supposed to be a local and state issue. >> nothing wrong with a civics lesson saying, hairk the
3:46 pm
president is speaking to kids, here is who ho is the president is here is what the presidency stands for in the government? >> this is the inevitable end when you have government-run education system and i think unfortunately, we see that if you take this to its logical conclusion, we are going to have bureaucrats and politics using their power to advance their own agendas and careers in the classroom. >> benjamin, your view? >> a mistake that a lot of people make, to try to assume when you hear something say, conservatives are upset that obama is speaking to school children it must be for the most reasonable reason you could think of in this situation. sabrina jumps away from indock drain nation and talking about education policy which is a perfectly reasonable debate. here is the thing. what is not what is driving this argument. it is coming from the far right and far fringes, people like glenn beck, connecting this to the broader conspiracy theory going off on for weeks some secret white house plot to indoctrinate children and turn them into a shock troops for a government takeover, some secret military out of americorps,
3:47 pm
where it is coming from and jim grier talking about indoctrinate nothing socialism. they are not talking about education policy, frankly, they don't care in this situation. this is ral a story about how fringe ideas make their way into the mainstream conservative press and end up with us talking about it on cable news. this is not a reasonable debate. >> benjamin, see your point in addition to the names that you name, also michelle bossman, brought up a similar line of conversation but i do think it is a reasonable debate it is out there and some parents willing to go on national tv and say the things that we have just heard. sabrina, let me bring luke what david was saying, curious how the arguments come up with the new president, we did, unless our memories were failing us did not hear this concern with president bush, for example. and your point you don't want to talk about the indoctrination, i appreciate that the points you made, your general concern, were those concerns vocal when george bush, gave that speech about helping the children of
3:48 pm
afghanistan, which could be seen as using kids to justify a war? >> absolutely i disagreed with president bush's speech and i disagree with this speech. i'm not partisan on this at all. the fact is i don't think we should have the federal government imposing itself on people's values, not just this issue. the fact is we have a culture war on all sorts of issue, the schools, evolution to creationism, to the agreement how much sex ed is appropriate for children to have in the schools. all of these things are values and ideas that parents should have control over and not imposed by washington bureaucrats and politics. >> benjamin, quick wlarks is the political aim of the gang buster ratings but it's just one of the things that happen when you have a leaderless party. it's not one clear voice. the end goal, i think they believe it. it's a fascist takeover of the country. >> why did glenn beck or
3:49 pm
whomever say what they choose to have their motivations but why do you think it's an attractive thing for everyday folks to wrap around, especially when you're talking about the president and back to school. >> you see obama's approval ratings. a lot of people disagree with them. when you hear from party leaders, not necessarily fringe groups, they assume this must be a partisan issue. i'm loyal to my party. i'll go for it. this is why it's dangerous to push ideas into the mainstream. people say if i agree with the party, i must agree with this. >> i thank you both very much. tamron, i agree there is a worthy debate sabrina brings up, how you should spend money, whether it should be spent on government and how you educate kids. but that's a very different issue as you heard from the fringe right, socialism and snatching your children. >> david, you are right. of course, it's drastically different. but interesting. up next -- our crossing the line. the washington redskins, david shuster's favorite nfl team,
3:50 pm
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welcome back to today's crossing the line. an nfl team, dare i say, playing hardball with fans, suing fans who seem to be down on their luck. the story is in "the washington post," and the loyalty of the washington redskins' fan base is legendary. even the dallas cowboy fan that i am knows about the loyalty of that fan base. what's happening between diehard fans and the team may be one for the record books. "the post" tells the story of several fans who say they have lost their jobs in these hard economic times and can no longer
3:54 pm
afford their season tickets. one woman, a 72-year-old grandmother who has had season tickets since the early '60s told the team she could no longer afford her $5,300 a year contract for two seats behind the end zone. so she asked the team to waive the contract for a year or two. the redskins sued and won a default judgment of more than $66,000. telling the paper, quote, it really takes my heart. i don't even believe in bankruptcy. we are supposed to pay our bills. well, according to "the post," 125 season ticket holders who asked to be relieved from their multiyear contract were sued in the past five years. the general manager told the paper the lawsuits are a last resort. quote, i can't say everyone gets dealt with exactly the same. i can't guarantee everyone gets dealt with, with the appropriate level of compassion but that is our goal. for donovan from "the post," other teams sue, i don't know of any pro football team that
3:55 pm
doesn't. but that's not exactly true. in fact, an envelope nx spokesperson named nine teams that don't sue fans over season ticket contracts. also, "the post" notes most washington-area franchise that's have accounts claimed losses as well. who's crossing the line, the fans that agreed to pay for better or worse, or a team that is beloved but also a business? after all, keep in mind, love does not pay the bills. let me know what you think at david goshgs david, go ahead. i know what you think. >> i'm going to twitter. that's a great one. it's almost 4:00 on the east coa coast, 1:00 in california. whether you're a redskins fan or not, michael jackson out in l.a. is final little going to be laid to rest. we will have a live report from the forest lawn cemetery. and a man had his finger bitten off. a young woman was ridiculed after talking about her dead
3:56 pm
mother. what's going on out there? and why republicans may be president obama's best friends when it comes to afghanistan. that's all coming up here on "the big picture." reading about washington these days... i gotta ask,
3:57 pm
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now on "the big picture" president obama is considering a health care compromise from republican olympia snowe. her solution -- a public option trigger if insurance companies down the road keep jacking up rates and profits. will progressive democrats go along? we'll talk live with congressman anthony weiner plus the latest from the administration. >> we're going to get something substantial. it's going to be an awful lot of screaming and hollering before we get there. republican senator james inhofe says president obama is, quote, destroying everything good about america and determined to turn foreign terrorists loose on u.s. soil.


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